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Pure Geranium Water

  • 100% natural geranium water
  • Hydrates and balancing dry skin and scalp
  • Great for uplifting mood 
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Pahada geranium water is made from geranium flowers by a process of steam distillation. A combination of organic cultivation, excellent climatic conditions, and pristine environment help us create a 100% pure product. This product is 100% natural and pure. Does not contain any harmful chemicals like sulfates, parabens, synthetic colors, Phthalates, Triclosan etc. Contains only pure Steam distilled Geranium flowers. Pahada means “Of the hills”.

Benefits of Pahada Geranium Water:

1. It is anti-inflammatory which makes it a good healing agent for inflammatory conditions. You can use it to relieve acne inflammation.
2. The sweet floral fruity scent of Pahada geranium water is uplifting and calming. It can be diffused or sprayed around the room to improve mood.
3. It is hydrating and good for moisturizing and balancing dry skin
4. Its astringent properties help to minimize large pores and tighten and tone skin. This property also ensures the reduction of excess oily skin.

How to Use:

1. Body Mist: After a shower, spritz your body with Pahada geranium water as a deodorizing and body scenting mist!
2. Facial Toner: Balance oily skin and support a youthful appearance by using Pahada geranium water as your facial toner.
3. For Hot Flashes and Night Sweats: It is not only cooling and soothing but also balances hormones. This makes it a good spray to use for hot flashes and night sweats.

1 review for Pure Geranium Water

  1. Suman

    The quality of the product is great.

    • Fruush

      Thank you for your valuable feedback. Team Fruush!

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