Pahada Damask Rose Water

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1. Rated 5 star on Amazon

Pahada rose water is one of the highest rated rose waters on Amazon. Pahada rose water has helped our customers tighten pores, reduce acne and make skin soft and fresh.

2. Organic Damask roses

Pahada rose water is made with organic damask roses, unlike other rose waters which are made with garden roses. Damask roses are known for its therapeutic properties on the skin and hair. Loaded with anti-oxidants, it has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that help your fight skin infections, makes your skin healthy and prevents aging.


3. Rose farms in Joshimath, Uttarakhand

We have tied up with farmers of a small village belt situated between the towns of Joshimath and Auli in Uttarakhand. We grow roses and extract the rose waters in the pure, pristine climate at a height of 7000 ft.


4. Multipurpose

Our customers use Pahada rose water as a skin toner, makeup remover, face mist, and a hydrating mist.

Natural Skin Care From Uttarakhand

50 reviews for Pahada Damask Rose Water

  1. Stereo

    I used it for around 4 days since I got this product and it’s worked wonders for my skin. It reduced the appearance of my pores and has started to lighten my dark spots ! I’m so happy that I bought this !

  2. Ankit

    Loved the product. It’s organic and you can really make out the difference

  3. Shreemayee Chattopadhyay

    Let’s turn every day facial care into a relaxing spa experience with this Damask Rose water from the brand Pahada. This is an all organic facial toner or refreshing face mist, makeup remover – a multitasker in one tiny bottle. Made from the distillation of Damask rose petals this floral water aka hydrosol offers you a gentle way to enjoy the benefits of this romantic flower. It lends you a toned, hydrated and glowing skin. Should I also mention its scent of roses and the intoxicating way with the senses?

  4. Sarah

    Delivered b4 time. Fabulous toner. Genuinely organic and the purest rose water available. Feels like you’ve placed a thin veil of ice, it’s so cooling. Shrinks pores wonderfully well. Buying more! Thx!

  5. Menang A

    I have finished using two bottles, and have ordered four more! I just love the freshness and quality of this rosewater. I have researched and used other rosewater before, but this one has to be my all time favourite, so far. I use it as a toner, I use it in my face packs, as a misting spray, and I also apply it sometimes to my tired eyes. Will be sticking with this one.

  6. Ankit

    I just love the freshness and quality of this rosewater.
    I also apply it sometimes to my tired eyes.
    I would definitely recommend this product, especially to those who have sensitive skin.I use it after my face wash as toner.

  7. Customer

    Nice refreshing rose water.

  8. Maya Patel

    Helped me get rid of skin irritation. Very nifty and useful product. I have tried their skin saver honey as well., Very good products.

  9. Ketan Parashar

    Highly recommended.

  10. Deeksha Sethia

    Pure and genuine product. Also pretty affordable.

  11. S. Johari

    Multipurpose product. I use as a skin toner and also as a makeup remove. plus its s great face mist. Its heaven in a bottle.

  12. Suruchi

    love the product.. i have using as a skin toner and also use in in my face packs. very gentle on skin as well.

  13. Naman

    Pahada Rose water has now become my daily driver. Chemical free, additives free and no parabens is a huge advantage with this product .Also the bottle comes with a spray cap just like in a deodorant bottle, so it’s super easy to apply on the skin without wasting a drop of it. The best rose water you can get right now. Highly recommended!

  14. Parul Upadhyay

    Organic heavenly rose water from Uttarakhand!! I know its genuine as I myself am from Uttarakhand!!Go for it.

  15. Rajat

    One of the best rose water I have used. A must buy product!

  16. Priya

    It’s one of my favorite product from Team Fruush. It’s as real as it can be, pure with no chemicals and perfect for your skin, be it any type. In love with it!

  17. Maya

    This rose water was delivered within specified time after placing the order and I got it at no extra charges. I am completely satisfied with the product and the services from Fruush. It’s the perfect Toner to keep you fresh looking skin throughout the day.

  18. Shivani

    The best organic rose water I have ever used. I have heard a lot about the organic products from Uttarakhand and this rose water completely justifies the pure and organic tag. Great work Team Fruush!

  19. Preksha

    Sweetest smelling rose water ever. Simply love Pahada rose water

  20. Advaita J

    Nice product..nicer people 🙂

  21. Astha

    Best Rose water I have ever used. It’s safe for eyes didn’t caused any irritation. Spray mechanical works well, and this bottle is quite handy if you have to keep it in your bag and use while working or on a go.

  22. Manish

    A must buy product. 100% pure and chemical free.

  23. Mohit

    love this! Simply amazing and genuine real rose water. So cooling and refreshing!

  24. Nitin

    100% pure rose water as it claims. Also it gives a smooth touch to the face after it dries out. A must buy rose water for people who use natural ingredient products.

  25. Nisha

    Product is natural and smell is also like real roses no artificial fragrance. No chemicals. I used it and i like the product. Plus point is that it has spray bottle which is convinient for use

  26. Sveta

    Its a genuine product and contains a pure rose water. Compared to other products i feel this is the best. It feels so refreshing after sprinkling it on your face and no itchy or irritating sensations like other products

  27. Rajesh

    Very very good product

  28. Sonu

    I love using rose water as a toner on everyday basis. Most of the rose waters contains loads of harmful chemicals. But this one is different it’s a premium quality organic rose water. It’s actually the gulab jal, which is very soothing and refreshing. I love using it in my am and pm routine as a tones plus I also make my DIY face mask and pack with this. Happy with the product 🙂

  29. Shivi

    Very good product! Awesome people. Thanks Team Fruush.

  30. Ujwala Krishnamurthy

    Guys, I’ve just ordered my 10th bottle and I’m completely in love with the rose water quality. It works wonders on my skin and I use it everyday before I moisturise my face. You can also spray it after you remove your makeup and works best with the “Apricot scrub”. This is the best rosewater I’ve laid my hands on. Also, try their “APRICOT OIL” if it’s in stock. Thank you!

  31. Divya Jain

    Undisputedly the best rose water. Very affordable price .

  32. Mani

    Awesome and genuine product. Have also tried their chamomile water. Great customer support as well.

  33. Jigyasa Saxena

    Just the same as rose water from expensive brand but so much more affordable. Great work Team Fruush!

  34. Preeti Chawla

    The rose water is seriously amazing. They use Fed ex so delivery is fast too. Highly recommended.

  35. Nivedita Khulbe

    Once you start using this rose water you will realize what a genuinely good and organic yet simple product can do for your skin. You don’t need anything fancy. Ive had great results on my skin, it has tightened my pores and made my skin soft and healthy. I love this product. And yes they have some amazingly engaging customer support too!

  36. Manjistha

    I came to know about this product from Instagram. Ever since I have switched to Pahada rose water I can see a visible difference in my skin pores. no other toner has worked except this pahada rose water. trust me guys go fot it,.

  37. Ruchika Verma

    Once you order this you will never think of any other rose water. It’s seriously that good. It’s real steam distilled rose water.

  38. Kriti Joshi

    I love everything about these guys. Their product is amazing. Their communication is to the point. They ship fast. Really impressed.

  39. Archana Pande

    There are so many rose waters in the market that it was very confusing. I’m so happy I found this product.Works like a charm. I used to purchase on Amazon now switched to their website.

  40. Priyanka Bothiyal

    There are 2 hallmarks of a pure product. The first time you smell it and secondly how it affects sensitive skin. On both these aspects Pahada rose water has completly blown other toners away. I recommend everyone to use it.

  41. Shweta

    I just love the product. Very impressed their proactive and genuine concern for customer. When I received the product the plastic cap of the bottle was broken. I spoke with the customer support team and I was sent a replacement.

  42. Customer

    One of the best products at this price. Beats all higher priced rose waters as well.

  43. Tripti

    Good natural rose water.

  44. Dinesh

    Good product… Does what it says.

  45. Customer

    Love the freshness of Pahada rose water. It’s a must have for people with sensitive skin. It gives a nice texture to the skin.

  46. Preeti

    Very effective and I just love the smell. It’s refreshing and subtle.

  47. Shweta

    Highly recommend..

  48. Priti

    Its smell is just right. Not very low as diluted rose waters and not very high like bad quality and synthetic rose waters and it’s really made a diff to my skin.

  49. Shivangi saxena

    Cannot have enough of it. I just love this product

  50. Swathi

    Wonderful as always. Been a fan ever since started using it a year back! Love their aloe gel, apricot oil and their newly launched soaps.

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