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Aloe Vera Gel for face: Benefits and Uses

Aloe Vera gel is most widely used to treat various skin and hair related issues due to its herbal and medicinal properties.

In this post, we are going to study the benefits and uses of aloe vera gel for face.

But before learning more about aloe vera gel uses and aloe vera gel benefits, let us understand what actually “Aloe Vera” is.


Aloe vera (scientific name: Aloe barbadensis) is a plant with thick fleshy green to grey-green leaves. Aloe vera plant consist of 3 parts – outer skin, inner white gel and latex.


What is Aloe Vera Gel?


Aloe vera gel can be used on the skin for cosmetic purposes or it can also be eaten if prepared properly.


aloevera gel
Aloe Vera


Latex (a component of aloe vera plant) is a yellow colored gooey liquid which consists of a chemical called “aloin” which has laxative properties and can cause serious health problems if consumed in large quantities.


What are the benefits of applying aloe vera gel on the face?


Aloe vera gel consists of 75 active constituents. Key ingredients are as below:

  1. Vitamins & Minerals
  2. Salicylic acid, Lignin, and saponins
  3. Sugars 

Vitamins & Minerals

Key vitamins that make aloe vera gel good for the skin are Vitamin A, C, E, B12, Folic acid, and choline. Vitamins act as antioxidants that neutralize free radicals in the skin and thereby help maintain elasticity and retain Faskin health and glow.

Salicylic acid, Lignin, and saponins

Salicylic acid has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Lignin has penetrative properties and helps your skin soak up all the goodness inside aloe vera gel. It is precisely this component that makes aloe vera gel so amazing against skin infections like eczema. 

Saponins are soapy substances found naturally in the aloe vera gel. These constitute about 3% and have cleansing and antiseptic properties.


Aloe vera consists of two monosaccharides – glucose and fructose and polysaccharides. These 2 compounds have anti-inflammatory effects. 


How to apply Aloe Vera Gel? 

Wondering how to apply (use) aloe vera gel?

Here are some easy DIY recipes for you:


  1. Face and under eye gel with cucumber – 
    1. Blend together aloe vera gel and cucumber. 
    2. Strain through a cheesecloth to extract the juice.
    3. Add witch hazel, and gelatine. The gelatine helps to set the under-eye gel. Gently heat the mixture. Heat till the mix starts to thicken.
    4. Cool the mixture and add the extracted juice.
    5. Pour in a bottle and use.
  2. Hydrating Aloe vera gel for face with Vitamin E – 
    1. Mix aloe vera gel with vitamin E oil. 
    2. Add citric acid, essential oil or extract of your choice. 
    3. Bottle for use.
  3. Simple Aloe Vera Face Scrub – 
    1. Take aloe vera gel and ground oatmeal in the ratio 5: 1. 
    2. Add pinch of baking soda for preservation. 
    3. Bottle for use.
  4. Aloe Vera face & skin salve – 
    1. Take fresh aloe vera gel and add a low IV oil like olive or coconut oil.
    2. Add beeswax (1 part of beeswax for 2 parts for chosen oil)
    3. Heat the mixture in a double boiler.
    4. Cool and store in a jar for use.


Aloe vera gel on face overnight


Massaging pure aloe vera gel on your face and letting it stay overnight has tremendous benefits.


pahada aloevera gel
Pahada Aloe Vera Gel


Wash your face with a natural cleanser and pat dry. Use pure aloe vera gel. You can use aloe vera gel by itself or mix aloe vera gel with apricot oil and or tea tree essential oil. Massage on the face and let it remain overnight. Such an application can do wonders and may help remove dark spots, acne scars, and helps reduce pore size. 


Aloe vera gel on face side effects  


Aloe vera gel has no side effects unless you are allergic to aloe vera gel.

If you are allergic applying aloe vera gel can cause skin allergies, redness in the eyes, skin rashes, irritation and can cause a burning sensation.

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